Atari Portfolio

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Wed Mar 14 23:06:54 2001

I bought a Portfolio as soon as it was released, I used to do field tech
support back then and it was great for keeping notes on passwords for
clients, scheduled calls and such, the best feature was the phone dialer,
just walked up to a payphone, popped in a quarter and put the Portfolio up
the to mouthpiece and and pressed DIAL after selecting the person to call
and it did it for me, it was and still is a great little computer. A few
months ago in a pinch we used it with the serial interface and a public
domain program to hookup to a Sun E450 server to correct some issues in the
inetd.conf file. Not too shabby, an 11 year old handheld controlling a
state of the art $50k webserver :-)


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> > Thanks Curt...I've checked them out and they do have quite a
> > lot of stuff. Other than the parallel interface, both boxes and the
> > manuals, the only thing I got with it was the 'File Manager/Tutorial'
> > card. I can certainly see it getting some use though.
> I've wanted a Portfolio since the day I first saw one new. I love my 95LX
> but the Portfolio has style written all over it.
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