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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Mar 16 03:13:30 2001

 Since I started collecting, originally only Ataris. I've always wanted
a Portfolio and a STacy, but have never had the luck or cash
available to acquire them. I still hang on to a smart parallel
interface hoping the rest of it will turn up.
 So some time back, I had this list of all the Portfolio URLs I could

Atari Portfolio FAQ,
Atari Portfolio-System,
Portfolio Page (UK), Atari Portfolio FAQ,
Atari Portfolio-System,
Portfolio Page (UK),
Portfolio Links,
Toad Computers (USA) Atari Portfolio!
Wizztronics stuff (64K mem + reader card for PCs),

 On inspiration from your msg I checked them out and, of course
none were still in existence altho the Links URL did lead to a
German site with links to the UK Portfolio Club.

 I was concerned about the FAQs file and did a search. It returned
the FAQs home and about 10 pages of URLs. More pages I'm sure
than have ever been, on it. The Portfolio does indeed live.

 A couple of the key sites are


> Hi Jeff,
> Go to B&C Atari Sales & Service: where you will
> find ram
> upgrades, software, parallel interfaces, serial interfaces and also
> look into the HPC drive card interface which hooks up an ISA bus PC to
> allow you to download files onto your PC from the internet, copy them
> to a Portfolio drive card and then place that card into your Portfolio
> as drive C:\ and use that data or program on your Portfolio.
> Curt
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> Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2001 1:12 PM
> Subject: Atari Portfolio
> > As of today, I'm the happy owner of an Atari Portfolio. Pretty
> > neat
> > little machine, with even a longer battery life than my Tandy 102.
> > Due to it's small size, not as nice a keyboard though. Does anyone
> > know where I can get additional 64k or 128k memory cards for it? It
> > came with the parallel interface. Also, I've been told that the
> > Portfolio is what was used by John Conner in 'Terminator 2' when he
> > broke into the ATM and the Cyberdine this true?
> >
> > Jeff

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