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You can use the appropriate Dallas RTC/NVRAM for the SGThompson part no
problem. Check cross-list for the correct Dallas part and order up. My
Sparc is running a Dallas chip these days.

The reason why they are expensive is that there were several years of very
low demand. About 1 1/2 years ago, all those deployed chips started
failing due to exhausted batteries. SG had stopped production and so had
Dallas. Both are ramped up for them once again and the chips are
available, but creating new production cost them a bit and they pass that
on to you plus a healthy, healthy profit to them.....

I've seen them range from $15.00 to $60.00 depending on your vendor. Try
calling Dallas Semiconductor directly. That is how I got the best price
and they are friendly people. SG Thompson is not so friendly......


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>Hi all!

>Just curious, but are are the prices of these Sun NVRAM timer chips these
>days? I am looking for a replacement
>for the old SG Thompson M48T02 chip. Here in France they are on the
>order of $45-50!! What has happened
>to last year's $20-28 ? Are the Dallas chips identical to the ST ones,
>as concerns a Sun?

> --Ralph

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