The DOS 10 Commandments (fwd)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Mar 16 08:29:38 2001

> >Other non -PC hardware such as Rainbow went out to 896k and some of the
> >S100 based machines did the full meg using shadow rom.

> Two Tandy products that come to mind that could be take up to
> 768k are the Model 2000 and the 1000HX. The only real benefit for
> doing it on either of them was for RAM disks though. Like the PCjr,
> the 1000HX used part of it's RAM for the video adapter as well. Both
> shipped with thier own specific versions of DOS 2.11.

The eternal Siemens PC-D has up to 960 K continious DOS Mem (992 with
B&W Bios) ... ad 1024 K when using an inofficial Version and the
Character Grafics Adaptor (which was in fact an enhanced VT 220 on a
slot board :).


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