The DOS 10 Commandments (fwd)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Mar 16 08:40:33 2001

> > Experience with DOS 3.11 and 5.0 is that for an unprotected OS
> > it was fairly solid and not inclined to kill itself. I have two systems
> > that live as DOS with uptimes measured in months.

> It's all a matter of clean applications. The voicemail/auto-attendant
> system (DOS-based) I use at home is one I designed, and there isn't a
> single memory leak or null pointer write bug in it. It's completed and
> totally debugged and never crashes. It stays up for months, and only gets
> disturbed when I take it down to look in logs.

> [...] I think the record was 4 months
> running, and it would've been longer but we took it down for PM. This was
> a complex application too, doing voice processing, serial communications,
> network datagrams over NetBIOS, etc.

> You can say the same about Linux :) My server has an uptime of 253 days.

Well, I did a dial in system for a fiels servis application - up
to 32 modem ports, where the laptop (8085 based Tandy M100, Nec
or Olivetti, later PCs) did some kind of APPC with one or more
main frame application - I had to do add a small multi tasking
system atop of DOS, and this baby did run quite fine on a 286
System .... maximum Uptime of one of the systems (they where
installed in several European countries) was a bit more than
THREE YEARS. And this machine in particular (in Spain) has only
been shutdown to be replaced by a new Unix system .... They needed
a 17,000 $ Hardware to replace my 3,000$ Sytem :))) and ... well,
communication was slower and a bit more line drops :))

Anyway, Dos can be a quite stable base.


P.S.: One of the features I still like most was the self debugging
      version for 485/25 CPUs ... The app did singlestep itself in
      real time. So I got finaly great traces wehn anything went
      wrong - a feature known from some aminframe systems which I
      still miss a lot in actual PC systems.

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