Looking for Compute! Atari ST disks

From: Tom Owad <owad_at_applefritter.com>
Date: Fri Mar 16 22:31:46 2001

>Basketball Sam and Ed. I have a copy, but it's for the Apple ][ and it
>hasn't been typed in yet! (I photocopied it from a COMPUTE! issue.)

That's it! Thanks.

I found a copy for the Commodore 64 at: <ftp://arnold.c64.org/pub/
magazines/Gazette/039JUL87.ZIP>, though as I recall the Atari ST version
was prettier.

If you ever get around to typing in the Apple II version, I'd appreciate
a copy of source.

>See http://feroce.multimania.com/Pages/Automation.html followed by any
>of the usual ST game archives.



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