PS/2 P70

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sat Mar 17 11:34:38 2001

>You know the P70 hardware manual is online at IBM at
> and the book is in HTML Bookmanager
>format or downloadable PDF format as the Portabel Systems HMM Volume I. Very
>handy and yes the P70 is a neat little unit. My wife starting tinkering on
>mine and now I can't get it away from her, especially after the 486 upgrade
>and Win95 OSR2 on a 160mb drive and 16mb ram. I just added an Etherlink MC
>card and now the same woman that says she doesn't have need for a network is
>tied to it and wreaking havoc!

        Thanks for the pointer. I knew the hardware manual was out
there. It should prove interesting setting up the ethernet under
OS/2. I've only used it for dialup before. Speaking of which, could
one of you OS/2 types on the list send me the email program PMMAIL?
Or is there a nicer email client out at this point? Too bad there's
not an OS/2 native version of Eudora.

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