PS/2 P70

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Sat Mar 17 14:59:15 2001

> Thanks for the pointer. I knew the hardware manual was out
> there. It should prove interesting setting up the ethernet under
> OS/2. I've only used it for dialup before. Speaking of which, could
> one of you OS/2 types on the list send me the email program PMMAIL?
> Or is there a nicer email client out at this point? Too bad there's
> not an OS/2 native version of Eudora.
> Jeff

There's always Eudora Light v3.6 in a Win/OS2 session.
I'd love to see Eudora 5.x up on OS/2 but don't even consider asking
for it anymore... I'm tired of being laughed at.

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