PS/2 P70

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sat Mar 17 17:50:27 2001

>There's always Eudora Light v3.6 in a Win/OS2 session.
>I'd love to see Eudora 5.x up on OS/2 but don't even consider asking
>for it anymore... I'm tired of being laughed at.

        Yes, I'd love to have an OS/2-native version of Eudora, but I
don't see that happening at all. I used PMMAIL when I ran OS/2 back
in the early 90's. I guess I could just use UltiMail, which is
installed with the OS/2 Bonus Pack. Isn't Opera working on an OS/2
port? It seems like they're really going all-out to try and support
as many platforms as possible. If the Mac beta is any indication, it
should be pretty nice. I'd just as soon not have to install Windows
and use Win/OS2 sessions to run stuff. The 120meg disk space is
disappearing fast enough as it is!

        I finally got the SCSI and Etherlink card installed in the
P70 today, as well as some of the Bonus Pack. The only mouse I had
that would work on it was a Logitec Cordless Mouseman Pro.

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