Mac SE30

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Sat Mar 17 15:28:54 2001

On Sat, 17 Mar 2001, John Rollins wrote:

> >I am trying to un-stuff a driver for the Stylewriter 1200 (the driver
> >itself is actually for the 1500 color unit) but Stuffit 1.5.1 cannot
> >handle the driver's .sit archive.
> Try a newer version... The current version is 6.0. Stuffit Expander
> is free, but it's starting to become a rather large download. The
> application itself is nearly 4MB. But of course you don't really NEED
> the absolute latest version, so I would try to find a copy of 4.0 or
> something close. It's a bit smaller IIRC, and it works with newer
> versions. I remember running into some old 1.5 stuff a while back on
> an older machine and for whatever reason they don't open newer stuff.
> I don't keep track, so I'm not sure which version made the change.
> Don't ask me where to find 4.0... I keep all my stuff on CD when
> possible. I have almost every MacAddict CD since the first issue, so
> all I need to do is find the right CD. There MIGHT be something on
> Aladdin's site. Try digging around in and
> --

The problem is that none of those available and more advanced versions
will run on 7.0.1 which is on the SE30. I harbor a hazy recollection
that there are practical limitations on how 'new' a system one can run
on that machine. Am I close?
                                                 - don

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