Mac SE30

From: Edwin P. Groot <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 12:25:20 2001

     So, what's the error message you get when you open this .sit archive
in version 1.5?
     IIRC, the SE/30 can have up to OS 7.5.5. Somewhere.... on Apple's Web
site is the Apple Spec Database, which would tell you for sure. The SE/30
will support more than 8 MB RAM if you have MODE32 installed and you have
32-bit addressing enabled.
     But before updating your OS, check other things, like making sure the
old Stuffit Preferences, engines, or Extensions are removed before trying a
newer-than-1.5 version of Stuffit. Try unstuffing through the menu
commands. Try unstuffing by drag-and-drop.


At 01:28 PM 3/17/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>The problem is that none of those available and more advanced versions
>will run on 7.0.1 which is on the SE30. I harbor a hazy recollection
>that there are practical limitations on how 'new' a system one can run
>on that machine. Am I close?
> - don
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