My PDP11/53

From: Old Stuff Discount Warehouse <>
Date: Sun Mar 18 16:04:24 2001

> Where did you get this 11/53 ?

Bill Bradford od the SunRescue list forwarded and email he got at to the SunRescue list. It wasn't to far a drive from work
(about an hour) so I arranged to get it. It had been donated to
Goodwill in SouthBend IN.

> There are some versions (EPROMs) which are decserver versions.
> So you don't get anything on the screen until you go to the debug/configuration mode
> (try some of the modi on the bulkhead)

I don't know how..... I am new at this :-)
> And, another one: try an <ctrl> <c>, or <ctrl> <p>.
> If you got the "normal" version of the 11/53, it stops looking for the boot device
> and is talking to you.
> cheers

I'll save this info for future referance. I think I am not using the
correct cable set up.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
Received on Sun Mar 18 2001 - 16:04:24 GMT

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