My PDP11/53

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Date: Sun Mar 18 16:07:58 2001


Your last line speaking of CTS-RTS ,DTR, DSR, and DCD..... is that what
the null modem cable does, or is that in addition to the null cable?

Chad Fernandez, who is learning he knows quite a bit less about
computers than he thought he did :-)
Michigan, USA

Bill Pechter wrote:
> One thing -- I don't know about the 11/53 -- but most DEC DL11-W console
> serial ports don't give you the modem control signals you need for
> the PC (CTS<->RTS) (DTR->DSR-DCD).
> You probably need a null modem cable or adapter with CTS-RTS jumpered
> at the PC and DTR going to DSR and DCD (both ways).
> --Bill
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