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Date: Sun Mar 18 13:16:19 2001

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> On Sat, 17 Mar 2001, John Rollins wrote:
> It has 5,120k and Ramdoubler for a total memory of 10,240k. I surmise
> that Ramdoubler is some kind of a disk cache thing. Probably, I should
> look into putting more memory into it. The HD is small - 30mb - but I
> already have plans to increase that by x30.

Sounds like you have 4 x 256K and 4 x 1M simms installed for 5MB.
Still too small and that ramdoubler is last thing you want on that
sleepy 16MHz mac since that program takes some of processing time
pie, get it off and swap the 256K for 1M to get 8MB total.
Remove the hd doubler driver it if it has one, ram/cpu eater. Any 30
pin simms parity or nonparity and speeds will work since this thing
use slow, slow 120ns speed (!!). SE/30 is 32bit dirty, needs a
driver to overcome this. Max is 32MB using 16MB sticks. More ram
is better on any Macs.

This little HD needs to go and put in at least 200MB to 500MB,
faster the better to "overwhelm" that sluggard 16 MHz cpu. Fix the
HD SC 7.3.5 to let you format any non-apple scsi HDs. So far I have
done 2 successfully and plans to do more later on. Apple always
skimps on scsi HDs using low end types. Read: Slow. I was lucky to
find a 230MB Quantum LPS, it is 4500rpm w/ 256K buffer w/ apple
rom on it. I know because I had IDE version of this type,
blazing fast. :-) But I need much bigger than this. I have few
2.1GB (two 7,200rpm and one honking big 5.25" FH 5400rpm) and one
3.2 GB to play with.

Oh yeah, I recommand getting external HD box to keep your stuff
offline for installing stuff or transferring data between two macs.
I found this best way without resorting to using drivers especially
with removeables. This happens because most used removeable boxens
often didn't come with drivers. I'm looking for mac driver for my
APS 230MB MO. When bought new they did have own drivers included.
Lusers didn't save them to disks! :-P

Mine is LC III (68030 25 MHz) and C 610 (68LC040 20 MHz) running 7.5
so I have pretty good idea of what performance is like. Oh yes,
friend's LC (dead slow) and LC 630 CD DOS compatiable both running
7.x The fastest mac went to LC 630 due to speedy 540MB IDE (!!) and
cpu in it 66 MHz.

But 7.5.5 is highly recommanded, when SE/30 came out w/ original OS
it had 6.0.3.

The best parts about this SE/30, it already has FPU (68882),
seperate VRAM for video and superdrive 1.44MB. In all, this gives
this compact mac highest performace machine for it's time. Oh, 30MB
is not stock size. Should had 40 or 80MB when new. Don't forget to
check that 3.6V lithium N size battery behind little door. :-O

> Sounds like the way to go. Thanks!
> - don


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