Carter AFB.. he he!

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 01:54:05 2001

>Now I'm beginning to regret having my 351 Cleveland rebuilt instead of
>sticking a 460 into my '72 Mercury Montego, which I'd like to modify
>to haul a horse trailer with. The engine and C5 transmission can

The 351C is about the last thing I would think of for hauling, its a low
torque high HP design. I used to get into trouble with my 73 mustang with a
351C and C6, it was a DOG off the line, but screamed above 30 mph or so.
What would happen is that racing someone I would get beaten bad at the
start, then just blow past them on the way to 60 mph. People thought I was
just messing with them, and expressed frequent displeasure.
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