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From: Chris Kennedy <>
Date: Tue Mar 20 19:10:32 2001

Mike Ford wrote:


> Highway mpg hasn't changed much,
> because getting a correct mixture at a constant cruise speed isn't nearly
> as hard of a job and carbs did just fine. The achievement is to get low
> emissions and good mpg during short trips around town, while the engine is
> still cold etc.

It's clearly the case that modern engine management does wonders for
as well as for reliability -- the forest of vacuum lines, delay valves and
motors has, in most modern engines, simply vanished. That said, a
engine management system clearly _can_ make a difference when it comes to
mpg, because when steady state is achieved for even a short period of time
system can lean the hell out of the mixture. This, in fact, rather than
was the reason the Porsche finally went to liquid cooling; the Motronic
could happily lean the mixture to the point where the cylinder head
became untenable...

Who ripped out the injection and is running 50MM PMOs on his -- and
(currently) hating it...
Chris Kennedy
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