Need Tandy 6000 Keyboard

From: Eric J. Korpela <>
Date: Wed Mar 21 11:12:46 2001

>Can someone help this guy out? There may be a Tandy 6000 in it down the

I don't have one available, but thought that I would point out that the keyboard
from a Model 2, 12, or 16 should work on the 6000. Since the Model 2 is
probably the most abundant one around a keyboard for it should be easier to

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>Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 11:20:53 -0500
>From: Club 27 <>
>Subject: Need Tandy 6000 Keyboard
>Dear Museum founder: Have a Tandy 6000 HD system operating in Xenix.
>Have all the original 8 1/2" floppies for the OS, and for 'Scripsit' (Word
>Processing), and for 'Unify' (a RDMS) -- including all the Owners Manuals,
>and even the Technical Service Manual. However, I really need to keep
>this old mini-computer working for another 2 years before I pass it along
>to some collector or museum.
> I am prepared to make a deal (YOU can set the terms) with the
>individual who is directly instrumental in providing the assistance I need
>to keep my keyboard operational or who can assist me to acquire one or
>preferably two old keyboards for this unit. The problem is that the
>individual key contacts are failing, one after another. They are easily
>repaired/replaced -- but I have run out of the ability to switch the sound
>contact pads from the seldom used redundant keys to those that have
>failed. I am unable to find a source for these wee electrical contacts,
>and am looking to - beg, borrow or steal, or buy - a whole keyboard or two
>from which I can pirate the needed parts.
> Can you help me, and/or redirect me ? What would be your terms ?
>Tom - at Club 27
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