TU-58 rollers and emulation (was Re: VAX 11/725)

From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Mar 23 09:28:43 2001

--- Brian Roth <broth_at_heathers.stdio.com> wrote:
> > > The console tape drives need to be repaired so it no longer boots.
> >
> > What's the problem? Rollers turn to goo? Electronic failure?
> Major Goo...

There's been some threads on this topic, even lately. I don't know that
anyone has a stock replacement, but I'd be interested (got a pair of 11/750s,
an 11/730, a VT103 and a couple of HP serial analyzers that use the same
transport mechanism). I haven't fired up any of these lately, but I'd be
surprised if some of them hadn't had the roller turn to goo by now.
> > There is out there a TU-58 emulator for PeeCee...




(took a while to find that second one... there's no actual web page for it)

> > ...I've also contemplated taking the emulator... adding a text LCD
> > display... building up a virtual tape library.

> Sounds like a very cool project. I have been wanting to toy with interfacing
> an LCD display with a cheapie PC to use as a MP3 player in my car.

It's a common use for them.

> The Winamp parallel port <>LCD connection seems to becoming a bit of a
> standard of sorts.

It has. I haven't wired up any parallel interfaces, but I have a couple
flavors of serial interfaced displays - Matrix Orbital (an established de
facto standard in serial LCD command sets) and the B.G. Micro PIC-n-LCD,
a $12 PIC that handles the messy stuff for you.

> I even have an LRP package for interfacing an LCD to my router so you can
> watch the IP traffic.

Love to get a URL to that. I run LRP myself, and set them up for friends
with cable modems about every other month.

> Way cool project BUT the display is still in the bubble wrap. Same problem,
> little time.

It's all about priorities. I have a set of back burner projects that have been
there for ten plus years, but they are still there (RK11-C restoration, PDP-8/i
re-restoration, TU-58 emulator, Straight-8 cleaning (printer's ink), and such).


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