BSD/OS 1.1

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Fri Mar 23 21:07:17 2001

>To the best of my knowledge, BSD/OS, which is still being developed by BSDi,
>is not so much an ancestor as a sibling of the open source BSDs.
>I just fired a NetBSD box up to see, and indeed threy all are branches on the
>same 4.3BSD NET/2 tree.
>What is interesting about that version is its age, most probably. Could you
>have a look at its hardware requirements?

        Unfortunately I've yet to find whatever documentation or CD
came along with the floppies. I'm still hoping to at least come up
with the CD though. The disks are copyright 1994 by BSDI. I've
never been able to find specific hardware requirements for it either
but the date would suggest at least a 486 and 8 meg of RAM.

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