From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Fri Mar 23 21:15:15 2001

>What particular flexibility is offered by the AAUI design as opposed to the
>common AUI?

        It's not so much the AAUI having features that AUI doesn't,
but I much prefer the smaller connector, the easier 'pinch' lock
release vice the cumbersome slide-release on the AUI and the smaller
tranciever size of AAUI boxes, though obviously it could just be that
I've not seen that many AUI tranceivers and the ones I have seen have
been pretty large. Otherwise they seem to have similar status
displays and would appear to do much the same job. I do like the
flexibility of having a single connector that, with the addition of
the proper dongle, can be used with either 10base-T or 10base-2
ethernet connections. A nicer design than trying to cram 2-3
different connectors on a single ISA slot plate, such as 3COM does
with their various cards. Then again I'm sure there are those that
see it the opposite and are happy to have the various connectors
without having to fool with the external tranceiver.

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