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Date: Tue Mar 27 07:01:08 2001

Jeff Hellige skrev:

>>What particular flexibility is offered by the AAUI design as opposed to the
>>common AUI?

> It's not so much the AAUI having features that AUI doesn't,
>but I much prefer the smaller connector, the easier 'pinch' lock
>release vice the cumbersome slide-release on the AUI and the smaller
>tranciever size of AAUI boxes, though obviously it could just be that
>I've not seen that many AUI tranceivers and the ones I have seen have
>been pretty large. Otherwise they seem to have similar status
>displays and would appear to do much the same job. I do like the
>flexibility of having a single connector that, with the addition of
>the proper dongle, can be used with either 10base-T or 10base-2
>ethernet connections. A nicer design than trying to cram 2-3
>different connectors on a single ISA slot plate, such as 3COM does
>with their various cards. Then again I'm sure there are those that
>see it the opposite and are happy to have the various connectors
>without having to fool with the external tranceiver.

Well, transceivers do have the tendency to fall off their mounting point... =)
As for the size of AUI transceivers, they have been absolutely gargantuan once
upon a time. We've got a BULL 10B2 transceiver connected to a pocket hub at
the usergroup, and the transceiver actually dwarfs the hub!
Then again, I have a stack of pocket transceivers which are actually smaller
than my AAUI ones.
The cable is a nice addition, though.

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