Flea Market finds...: VAX 5000/200 point me to a faq please...

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Sat Mar 24 16:35:06 2001

Mark Green skrev:

>> ?IO 5/rzl/vmunix (bb rd)

>Your system is trying to boot Ultrix (the dec version of Unix) and
>it can't find the kernel. There are two common reasons for this.
>First, there isn't a disk on your system, or the disk with Ultrix
>is missing. It wasn't uncommon for the 5000/200 workstations to
>not have an internal disk, they quite often had a second chassis
>with disk and/or TK50 tape. The other possibility is the version
>of Ultrix on your disk is corrupt.

Were there any 5000/200s with internal disks? Mine hasn't got any internal
SCSI connector, nor any mounting point. It's quite bizarre, though, since it's
the biggest case in my entire collection.

>First check to see if there is a disk (open up the box, take
>a look). Also check what your system thinks is attached to it.
>There is a command for this that you can enter at the >> prompt.
>I don't remember the name now, but type help at the >> prompt
>at it should tell you. This will tell you the devices attached
>to the SCSI interface so you can determine whether it is looking
>at the right drive.

You could always netboot it. Try "boot 6/tftp", assuming you've got some kind
of server on the network with a bootpd or dhcpd as well as a tftpd.

>It will have a keyboard connector, it will probably look like a RJ11
>phone jack if I remember correctly. There should also be a video
>connector on the back. The video connector has 3 pins, its doesn't
>look like a VGA connector, or any other standard video connector.

Define "standard"? To the best of my knowledge, there has never been any
standard video connector, save perhaps for SCART.

>The three pins are R,G,B with I believe sync on G. You should be
>able to connect these to a VGA monitor.

Assuming it supports sync on green and the correct frequencies.

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