PS/2 P70

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sat Mar 24 16:05:10 2001

Jason McBrien skrev:

>Anyone know if there is a NFS that runs under OS/2 <=3? I've got a wide
>variety of boxes running on my network (I'm getting to be an expert at
>heterogeneous networking :) and my OS/2 box (IBM Server 85) is quickly
>depleting it's 450MB hard drive. Right now most of my boxes get their
>post-boot disk space from my linux box which services appletalk, samba, and
>NFS connections. It would be great to leverage it into my OS/2 box as well..

How about ?
I haven't tried it myself, since I've only got the non-connect Warp CD.

>FYI: My Home Network-
>IBM PC Server 85 Running OS/2 Warp 3

Any relation to the PS/2 model 85?

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