Batteries for Sharp PC-45XX Still Sold

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Date: Sun Mar 25 02:11:51 2001

A few weeks ago, I requested information about a battery for
my Sharp PC-4502 (a portable PC from the mid to late 1980s),
yet received no replies. The original batteries made for the
Sharp PC-45XXs were from Yuasa, which no longer makes them.
The main problem with this battery is its odd shape; other
batteries have similar specifications, but will not fit
inside this portable PC.

Just as I was about to give up, I simply did a Yahoo search
on Sharp batteries and the PC-4502 and found a source! If
anyone needs a battery for these machines, go to The Raymond
Sarrio Co. at -- and if you specifically
need a battery for a Sharp PC-45XX like mine, go to this site:

Phone: (800)413-1129
FAX: (508)355-8261

I bought the battery for only $49.00, including free 3-day
air mail! (They used to cost around $75.00.) The AC
adaptors are also listed alongside their batteries, in case
you need one of those, too.

These folks can also make a lot of batteries, if for some
reason they don't have your exact make. So there *is* still
hope for old machines when you least expect it.

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