Flea Market finds...: VAX 5000/200 point me to a faq please...

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Mon Mar 26 05:39:11 2001

Mark Green skrev:

>> >It will have a keyboard connector, it will probably look like a RJ11
>> >phone jack if I remember correctly. There should also be a video
>> >connector on the back. The video connector has 3 pins, its doesn't
>> >look like a VGA connector, or any other standard video connector.
>> Define "standard"? To the best of my knowledge, there has never been any
>> standard video connector, save perhaps for SCART.

>By standard I meant something that had been used elsewhere. If
>you have never seen this connector before, there is a good chance
>that you wouldn't guess its a video connector. Standard connectors
>I associate with video are VGA, 13W3 and BNC, this looks like none
>of them.

Would that be 9-pin or 15-pin VGA?
Besides, the 3W3 looks rather similar to the 13W3. And what about D23, D15,
DIN-13, DIN-5, D9, in a lot of odd configurations.

>> >The three pins are R,G,B with I believe sync on G. You should be
>> >able to connect these to a VGA monitor.
>> Assuming it supports sync on green and the correct frequencies.

>If I remember correctly, the 5000 line had relatively standard
>video frequencies, it was the monitors that were fixed frquency
>and couldn't be switched between different models. I suspect
>it is either 1024x768 or 1280x1024, it will depend upon the
>graphics option that's installed.

Or 1024?864. =)

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