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From: Mark Green <mark_at_cs.ualberta.ca>
Date: Mon Mar 26 08:30:18 2001

> Mark Green skrev:
> >> >It will have a keyboard connector, it will probably look like a RJ11
> >> >phone jack if I remember correctly. There should also be a video
> >> >connector on the back. The video connector has 3 pins, its doesn't
> >> >look like a VGA connector, or any other standard video connector.
> >>
> >> Define "standard"? To the best of my knowledge, there has never been any
> >> standard video connector, save perhaps for SCART.
> >By standard I meant something that had been used elsewhere. If
> >you have never seen this connector before, there is a good chance
> >that you wouldn't guess its a video connector. Standard connectors
> >I associate with video are VGA, 13W3 and BNC, this looks like none
> >of them.
> Would that be 9-pin or 15-pin VGA?
> Besides, the 3W3 looks rather similar to the 13W3. And what about D23, D15,
> DIN-13, DIN-5, D9, in a lot of odd configurations.

What's the point of your comment? The Decstation 5000/200 doesn't
have these connectors so it doesn't make any difference. The
standard cable provided by DEC for these machines basically took
their 3 pin connector to 3 BNC connectors. This can be connected
to a monitor that has BNC connectors and supports the appropriate
frequencies. Since the video connectors on the 5000 series
workstations were somewhat unusual they can easily be overlooked
by someone who isn't familiar with them.

> >> >The three pins are R,G,B with I believe sync on G. You should be
> >> >able to connect these to a VGA monitor.
> >>
> >> Assuming it supports sync on green and the correct frequencies.
> >If I remember correctly, the 5000 line had relatively standard
> >video frequencies, it was the monitors that were fixed frquency
> >and couldn't be switched between different models. I suspect
> >it is either 1024x768 or 1280x1024, it will depend upon the
> >graphics option that's installed.
> Or 1024_864. =)
> --

I don't recall that particular resolution. Each of the graphics
adaptors (there was about a dozen of them) had its own resolution
and there was no easy way of changing it. The graphics displays
were not near as flexible as the SGIs of the same time period.

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