HP 9845s?

From: Phil Guerney <guerney_at_bigpond.com>
Date: Mon Mar 26 14:09:18 2001

I have a 9845 but it shares a common problem - the monitor is missing! I'm
told they are the first thing to go and much harder to replace than finding
a 9845 in the first place.

I was told by the HP experts on this list when I first asked (a year or two
ago) that there is no way known to hook up an external monitor in place of
the original that plugged into those two special ports on the top of the
9845. But you would think that this monitor was basically a standard TTL or
analogue monitior of some sort and that someone might have the technical
details to wire a replacement from the plugs? A bit hard to use without the
monitor unfortunately and in 1980 this was my most DESIRED computer, so I
would love to get this one going again.


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Subject: HP 9845s?

> Hi,
> I'm new to the group. Does anyone have any information on the old HP
> 9845 desktop computers, specifically, if any working units still exist?
> I have manuals and a bunch of old software, including some extremely
> high-end games, both on 8" floppy and on tape. I'd love to at least be
> able to pull off some listings or get some of the data transferred to a
> current medium.
> Thanks.
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