HP 9845s?

From: Kevin Schoedel <schoedel_at_kw.igs.net>
Date: Mon Mar 26 20:49:33 2001

On 2001/03/27 at 6:09am +1000, "Phil Guerney" <guerney_at_bigpond.com> wrote:
>I was told by the HP experts on this list when I first asked (a year or two
>ago) that there is no way known to hook up an external monitor in place of
>the original that plugged into those two special ports on the top of the

OK, I got curious and found the manuals. The short answer: you're screwed.

>But you would think that this monitor was basically a standard TTL or
>analogue monitior of some sort and that someone might have the technical
>details to wire a replacement from the plugs?

Major parts of the display logic (character generator etc.) are in the
monitor case, not the main box.

>A bit hard to use without the
>monitor unfortunately and in 1980 this was my most DESIRED computer, so I
>would love to get this one going again.

Apparently, you need only attach a "turn-on fixture", part 09845-66547,
to the left monitor leg, execute "PRINT ALL IS 0", and press the 'PRT
ALL' key: then you can use the machine with the printer alone... yeah,
good luck finding one.

Kevin Schoedel
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