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From: Jarkko Teppo <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 00:10:24 2001

On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 10:04:45PM -0500, Joe wrote:
> I went scrounging again today and found a new source of old computers.
> There I found and passed up a HP 9000 835 and a HP 9836A. BUT I did bring
> home a HP 9000 520 (aka HP 9020). :-)

You lucky, lucky, b^Hcollector!!

> I used to think the HP 9845 was big
> and heavy but not any more! I don't know much about the 520 except that
> they were supposed to be the replacement for the HP 9845 but had
> developement problems and were very late getting into production and few of
> them were sold. I believe it has BASIC in ROM but I'm not sure. Does anyone
> have docs for these? It has two HP-IB cables that are connected internally
> and a 15 pin socket under the front edge. What are they for? I picked up a
> HP 9153 hard drive that was in the same box with the 520. I'm hoping that
> there's software for the 520 on it.

"The HP 9000 Series 520 also had several built-in I/O devices: a display,
which could be either color or monochrome, a keyboard, a floppy-disk drive,
an optional internal thermal printer mounted below the display, and an
internal hard disk"\

I'm guessing the 15-pin socket is for the keyboard. or maybe not.

Try loading HP-UX on it and see how it goes..
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