HP 9845s?

From: RebelTerry <RebelTerry_at_home.net>
Date: Mon Mar 26 23:50:16 2001

Thanks for the feedback!

A friend told me he saw an HP BASIC to C translator somewhere. If
someone has a 9845 that could read my disks (or maybe tapes) and
print them out on the built-in thermal printer, I could at least OCR the
listing and try recreating the code in C.

Guess that's the next best thing to finding a living -45.

Another problem is our game stuff was all very high end. Even if I
found a working machine, would it have the Fast Language Processor,
and the I/O, Graphics, Assembly Language, and other ROMs we had?

So, can anyone help me pull off the listings? (I'll send you free copies
of the games, once they work!)


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