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From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Tue Mar 27 08:13:16 2001

Mark Green skrev:

>> >By standard I meant something that had been used elsewhere. If
>> >you have never seen this connector before, there is a good chance
>> >that you wouldn't guess its a video connector. Standard connectors
>> >I associate with video are VGA, 13W3 and BNC, this looks like none
>> >of them.
>> Would that be 9-pin or 15-pin VGA?
>> Besides, the 3W3 looks rather similar to the 13W3. And what about D23, D15,
>> DIN-13, DIN-5, D9, in a lot of odd configurations.

>What's the point of your comment? The Decstation 5000/200 doesn't
>have these connectors so it doesn't make any difference. The
>standard cable provided by DEC for these machines basically took
>their 3 pin connector to 3 BNC connectors. This can be connected
>to a monitor that has BNC connectors and supports the appropriate
>frequencies. Since the video connectors on the 5000 series
>workstations were somewhat unusual they can easily be overlooked
>by someone who isn't familiar with them.

My point is that it's rather silly to talk about "standard" video connectors,
especially in a forum like this. The same could be said of a 13W3 or a D15HD.

>> >> Assuming it supports sync on green and the correct frequencies.
>> >If I remember correctly, the 5000 line had relatively standard
>> >video frequencies, it was the monitors that were fixed frquency
>> >and couldn't be switched between different models. I suspect
>> >it is either 1024x768 or 1280x1024, it will depend upon the
>> >graphics option that's installed.
>> Or 1024_864. =)

>I don't recall that particular resolution. Each of the graphics
>adaptors (there was about a dozen of them) had its own resolution
>and there was no easy way of changing it. The graphics displays
>were not near as flexible as the SGIs of the same time period.

I've got a table of resolutions for the DEC graphics adapters here...

HX graphics options:


       PMAGB-BA/BB 1280X1024 72Hz off 130. mhz
                              1280X1024 66Hz on 119. mhz

       PMAGB-BC/BD 1280X1024 72Hz off 130. mhz
                              1024x864 60Hz on 74. mhz

       PMAGB-BE/BF 1280X1024 72Hz off 130. mhz
                              1024x768 72Hz on 130. mhz

Don't ask me how to tell one from the other... =)

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