From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_look.ca>
Date: Tue Mar 27 19:13:15 2001

  The Atari ST is an integrated machine. I guess you mean a TT.
Also the DEC Micros - Rainbow et al, with the LK201 KB.


> >Hmmm... Again, there's the dangerous telephone wires, plug that in
> >place of properly wired apple wire for keyboard. POW! Goes the
> >keyboard microcontroller. That's another fatal design thanks to
> >apple for using telephone jacks instead of some kind of connectors.
> They weren't the only manufacturer to use that type of connector for the
> keyboard though. I'm not saying it was a good design, but it was a
> connector that was small and readily available. The Atari ST, Amiga 1000,
> Coleco Adam, and I believe the IBM 5155, as well as plenty of serial
> terminals, used the same type of connector for the keyboard. My main
> complaint about that connector is that it is so frail. Not everyone enjoys
> cutting off the broken connector and wiring a new one back on! <g>
> Jeff

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