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> part of Philips). By the time of the Moon landings we had
> dual-standard 405/625 and VHF/UHF sets. Oh, and BBC 2 was
> a new channel on UHF, 625-line only!

Does this explain why old episodes of Dr. Who look so wacky on NTSC? :)

> I started in electronics with PNP germanium transistors,
> although a lot of valve radio and tape recording gear was
> still around. My idea of "high-tech" shortly after that
> was a 741 op-amp.

I'd like to try to build a computer only using 741's...

> I've just done a lecture where I showed people an
> acoustically-coupled modem (300 baud). I had to take an
> old phone along to show how it would fit, because no-one
> would imagine that now, with all phones being different
> sizes.

I've got one of those! I've been scouring salvation armys for old style
phones for years. I miss those things, they weighed a ton, you knew when you
were holding one in your hands..

> "...and you try to tell the young people that, and they
> won't believe you!"

Oh, aye... aye...

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