Mac haul and print server questions

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Thu Mar 29 08:10:06 2001

Ethan Dicks skrev:

>> The big Windows->Mac network app used to be called COPStalk, I think it
>> became PC<->MacLan. It lets you mount appleshare volumes and print to mac
>> shared printers.
>> Connectix makes an appy called DoubleTalk, which is very similar to
>> DAVE, lets you mount windows shares and share your hard drive and printer
>> on a windows SMB-based network.

>Freeware? Commercial?

That's interesting, there was an Appletalk hardware/software solution for the
Amiga which was called... Doubletalk. It existed both as an external box for
A500s and a Zorro card for the big boxes.

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