Mac haul and print server questions

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Mar 30 09:24:31 2001

--- Jeff Hellige <> wrote:
> There was also the Emplant Deluxe with it's Localtalk ports, which I
> used to connect my A4000 up to various Mac's. I never ran it as the Emplant
> emulator but as a hardware extension of Shapeshifter's emulation.

I had the A-Max II+ card (an upgrade from my A-Max cart). It had a floppy
mauler that sat between the Amiga drive and the Amiga motherboard that did
the speed things to the disk motor to allow a fairly standard drive to
read/write 400K and 800K disks (I continued to use my A-Max cart with a real
external Mac drive to save wear and tear on my expensive 1760K Amiga
half-speed, high-density disk drives). It also had a Z8530 and a couple of Mac
serial ports and did let me use my HP 4ML from an emulated Mac session.

My mother had a typesetting/word processing shop near the university with
Macs (Mac SE w/4Mb RAM + 18Mb disk was her _best_ machine); I did my
desktop publishing from an Amiga 3000, but under A-Max so I could migrate
stuff back and forth.

I've used the A-Max II card w/A-Max and Shapeshifter. In fact, I got my
license for Shapeshifter by procuring a Z8530 manual for the author. He
was having problems locating one and I had a spare. I loved Shapeshifter
for the fact that it worked with Amiga Ethernet cards. I gave a demo of
my A3000 at work once - A-Mosaic running on AmigaDOS while using Apple
File Sharing to access a Quadra 950 under the next desk. Only one OS
could have a TCP/IP stack loaded at a time, though; so I had to bring
down AmiTCP to use Netscape on the emulated Mac. Big fun.


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