Mac haul and print server questions

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Fri Mar 30 19:00:24 2001

>I had the A-Max II+ card (an upgrade from my A-Max cart). It had a floppy
>mauler that sat between the Amiga drive and the Amiga motherboard that did
>the speed things to the disk motor to allow a fairly standard drive to
>read/write 400K and 800K disks (I continued to use my A-Max cart with a real
>external Mac drive to save wear and tear on my expensive 1760K Amiga
>half-speed, high-density disk drives). It also had a Z8530 and a
>couple of Mac
>serial ports and did let me use my HP 4ML from an emulated Mac session.

        I had the Emplant Deluxe with the serial ports and SCSI. I
didn't use the SCSI though, using a DKB Rapidfire instead. For the
Mac floppy under Shapeshifter I used one of the Dell external HD
drives. Add to that the fact that I was running Cybergraphix on an
EGS Spectrum 24bit board and it made for a pretty believable Mac. I
used Eudora, Ircle, and Netscape on it but I really liked to use it
for playing 'Maelstrom', an updated 3D Asteroids-type game. I don't
believe I ever ran better than System 7.1 on it but the speed was
close to full Mac speed and everything, including sound and a 640 x
480 256 color screen mode, worked great. I was an early register of

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