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From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Oct 3 10:54:19 2001

Ok.. the May 85 Radio-Electronics pages have been moved.

The (or should I say A, since others are welcome to mirror them) page to
download them is:


There are 6 pages, you can DL them individually (approx 150k each JPEGs),
or you can download the single PDF of the pages (approx 5mb).

They can stay here until someone that owns the copyright to them yells at
me to take them down... or until further notice (which means, by
tomorrow, I will have forgotten they are on my site, and they will end up
being there pretty much forever).

If anyone wants the original TIFF files, let me know. There was no real
difference between the TIFF and the JPEG, except that the JPEG is about 4
times smaller. I have no plans on posting the TIFFs, but I will be
archiving them to CD if anyone decides they want them.

Thanks go out to Mike for taking the time to scan these, and work with me
to get a good copy of them.


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