VAX 4000 Power Cord (BA440)

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Wed Oct 3 11:15:33 2001

> > I remember a couple of months ago there was discussion on
> > the proper cable for a BA440 power supply (normal North
> > American three prong power cord but with a notch where it
> > plugs in to the power supply). Was there a consensus on
> > the designation (and any place in the US that sell them)?
> 1-800-DIGITAL, P/N BN20A-2E worked for me about a year ago. I think
> they were about $10 each. The often overlooked "VAX 4000 Site Preparation
> Guide" just happens to have a three page appendix devoted to power cable
> part numbers. Now that's documentation. :-)

I just received my new power cord for my BA440. The part number above
has changed. The new part number is 17-00083-43. The currect price
is $11.

Now I've got a power cord that I know has the proper rating so I can
quit using the one I made.
Eric Dittman
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