Cold/Hot storage of computers -- OK?

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Thu Oct 4 09:06:35 2001

Hello all,

Since I am rapidly exhausting all space in my basement workshop, I need to
move some of my computers to the loft above our garage. The problem is, the
garage is completely UNinsulated, and has only a metal roof (i.e., thin, and
NO resistance to temperature -- hot or cold).

My concern is that the cold of winter or the heat of summer might get to
them. I live in Massachusetts, so winter is not -40 degrees F, but we are
talking below freezing, and possibly below zero for short stretches. In the
summer, it must easily hit 100 degrees F in the loft, due to the hot metal
roof, and the trapped air (no windows!).

I'm not so worried about the circuit boards, but I am worried about floppy
drives, hard drives, and CRTs. Does anyone know if such temperatures will
kill these things? Obviously I would let the computer acclimate for about
24 hours after I move it back into my house, to avoid sudden temperature
swings, or condensation. I'm more worried about the storage affecting


Rich B.
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