Cold/Hot storage of computers -- OK?

From: Michael Nadeau <>
Date: Thu Oct 4 09:59:21 2001

Extreme cold will damage LCDs--I live in NH, and lost an IXO handheld
terminal that way. At my previous home, my storage was similar to what you
describe. Also, the heat of an attic will warp some plastics, and I suspect
that it accelerates the yellowing process. I didn't have a problem with
circuit boards, however. Hot and cold extremes will not be kind to software
or to some types of paper. Temperatures aren't the only thing you have to
worry about with the type of storage you describe. Vermin (insects, spiders,
mice, bats) will also be a problem. I kept my stuff covered with old
blankets and tarps to cut down on damage from dust and droppings. The
coverings will also help with certain weather conditions common to New
England. In springtime when the humidity is high and the temperature rises,
moisture will form on metal and plastic surfaces.


Michael Nadeau
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Subject: Cold/Hot storage of computers -- OK?

> Hello all,
> Since I am rapidly exhausting all space in my basement workshop, I need to
> move some of my computers to the loft above our garage. The problem is,
> garage is completely UNinsulated, and has only a metal roof (i.e., thin,
> NO resistance to temperature -- hot or cold).
> My concern is that the cold of winter or the heat of summer might get to
> them. I live in Massachusetts, so winter is not -40 degrees F, but we
> talking below freezing, and possibly below zero for short stretches. In
> summer, it must easily hit 100 degrees F in the loft, due to the hot metal
> roof, and the trapped air (no windows!).
> I'm not so worried about the circuit boards, but I am worried about floppy
> drives, hard drives, and CRTs. Does anyone know if such temperatures will
> kill these things? Obviously I would let the computer acclimate for about
> 24 hours after I move it back into my house, to avoid sudden temperature
> swings, or condensation. I'm more worried about the storage affecting
> them....
> Thanks!
> Rich B.
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