Scrapping Tektronix 4695 (was Re: Scrapping LA100 & Diablo printers)

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Oct 4 20:55:10 2001

>Every couple of years, I seem to make a purchase that does _not_ work
>out. This is the one from about 1989. Later, it was a Syquest 44Mb
>drive. It was nice, but the carts cost so much that I never bought any
>more; I just used it as an expensive 44Mb semi-fixed SCSI drive. :-(

        I still have one of the Iomega Beta 44A drives here, as well
as a few cartridges. Not a bad drive. Like your Syquest, it's SCSI
with 5-1/4" carts of 44MB capacity. Actually had it installed in the
5-1/4" bay of my Amiga 4000 for a bit.

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