Scrapping Tektronix 4695 (was Re: Scrapping LA100 & Diablo printers)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Oct 3 22:26:46 2001

--- M H Stein <> wrote:
> Am scrapping several DEC LA100 DM and Diablo/Wang HyType DW printers;
> anybody need any parts before they go?
> Also have manuals including Service manual for the LA100.

In the vein of printer scrappage, I'm finally going to dump my first
ever and most worthless inkjet printer in the world - the Tek 4695.
I got it at the Hamvention a _long_ time ago for $200 when that was
a scorching deal. I found out why - I was really looking for a 4696,
since AmigaDOS came with drivers for it. The '95 clogs. Bad. At
least I didn't go broke buying ink for it - a former client *gave* me
dozens of ink cartridges because they dumped their printer a couple years

Every couple of years, I seem to make a purchase that does _not_ work
out. This is the one from about 1989. Later, it was a Syquest 44Mb
drive. It was nice, but the carts cost so much that I never bought any
more; I just used it as an expensive 44Mb semi-fixed SCSI drive. :-(

To that end, I have decided to get rid of the 4695. If anyone is foolish
enough to want it, it's yours. Otherwise, if you want parts, make a wish-
list and I'll see if there's anything worth scrapping out of it (I'm
curious what processor is inside). You can ask for the printhead, but I
think the yellow jets are fried (or impacted).


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