IBM ROM BASIC or lack thereof

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Thu Oct 4 21:28:47 2001

Tony Duell skrev:

>> I was just thinking that Tony treats his PC as if it had never gained
>> market acceptance and thus has to be treated in the same careful way as
>> some non-PC machine. A lot of us do the same kind of thing to our
>> computers, I think, only not to PCs.

>To me, a PC, particularly an true IBM PC (or PC/XT, or PC/AT) _is_ a
>computer. A computer to be programmed, modified, repaired, etc, in the
>same way as all other computers.

>What is so strange about that?

Well, you must be the only person on this list who has got a sufficient amount
of TTL chips available to repair any trivial function in your PC but not the
replacement cards. I'm drowning in serial port cards and disk controllers for
PCs, but I haven't got a single loose 16450 UART chip.
To me, PCs are computers, but they are also commodity items of little value.
And they're awfully boring computers. The main use of a PC for me is either a
cheap way to build some computer which I won't personally operate on my desk
(so it makes an ideal router or firewall, something which would be too
expensive to build with Amiga hardware), or as a source of components for
other, more interesting computers. I've now got a sizeable supply of TTL chips
of all kinds which I've removed from old PC motherboards. So nonw I won't need
to go to the electronics shop when I've destroyed a 7402 or a 74ALS373, I just
take one from a PC, and that is putting the PC to good use in my book. =)

I agree that we're living in a strange world where replacing the entire card
is much easier than just getting the damaged component. It's usually cheaper
for me to cut up some pre-made "PC" cable and solder the right connectors onto
it than to buy all the materials at the shop. It seems as though the average
Taiwanese worker is so cheap, he/she's gives only a negative increase to the
price of the final product. =/

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