IBM ROM BASIC or lack thereof

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Date: Thu Oct 4 22:37:24 2001

On 05-Oct-2001 Iggy Drougge wrote:
> I agree that we're living in a strange world where replacing the entire
> card is much easier than just getting the damaged component.

Especially if you figure in the cost of labour need to find what is
broken... but then you are talking about doing it yourself.

> It's usually cheaper for me to cut up some pre-made "PC" cable and
> solder the right connectors onto it than to buy all the materials at
> the shop. It seems as though the average Taiwanese worker is so cheap,
> he/she's gives only a negative increase to the price of the final
> product. =/

Or supply and demand. How many people solder db9 connectors? Compare
that to how many people want mouse "extenders".

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