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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sat Oct 6 02:13:24 2001

I found this brill note by Twoflower (a Triad member, I think) in a interview
at :

CreamD: How do you feel about the party, what is your overall opinion?

 Twoflower: Overall it was a great party. Save for some small backlashes, like
 missing friends which said they would show up, it was hilariously funny to be
 there meeting everyone. Actually, it's kind of easy to forget how much such
 an event means for the social bonds of the scene, but when you're there, it
 really gets a good hold on you. Scene parties, no matter how small, are
 important for the scene, its structure, its competition and its friendship
 and should always be pushed for - but it's also important to remember what
 these meetings are about - and what they're not about.

 CreamD: I don't understand. What do you mean by that what they are and aren't

 Twoflower: Meetings are about the scene, the living, creative scene of which
 we consist. It's not about retro feelings, of nostalgia or something like
 that, but about creating the bonds and feelings for the scene I described
 above and pushing the efforts on what you can do with 8-bit computers further
 - not back to the 80'ies. The scene, and the parties, must first and foremost
 be focused on the scene, for the scene and by the scene - enough said! :-)

I think that sums up my views on emulation and the "retro" trend in a very
neat package. Retro is about what has been, not about what is.

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