Is there a source for veroboard in the U.S.?

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sat Oct 6 12:33:25 2001

The cyanide in the solutions is the least of one's worries here in the U.S.
where the local authorities all seem to have the means to track down PCB-related
chemistry, yet can't seem to find the methamphetimine lab's that make street
drugs. It's illegal to flush them down the toilet, or otherwise introduce them
in to the sanitary sewer or, for that matter, the storm sewer system. Here in
Denver, the will absolutely find you if you are dumping those chemicals in the
sewer system. Some fellows have taken to dumping their excess chemicals (1)
directly into the river, or (2) into a public facility where they can't be found
out. A really common site is the public restroom at the picnic area in the
park. It allows one to carry the chemical waste into the toilet in a cooler,
dump it, and then proceed without attracting attention.

That's why I have my boards built overseas. One can get a manufacturer's
quantity of boards from Taiwan for what a dozen prototypes cost here in the
States and in 1 day plus the transit time via whatever mode of transport you're
willing to pay for.

In central Europe, one can apparently get boards up to 10x14", 16 layers, made
for $26 in a week, plus the associated $100 or so for FedEx, with no limit on
the number of via and hole sizes down under 10 mils. More boards,
unfortunately, cost more per board, though I find that odd.

I've considered getting a run of various prototype boards and various adapter
sockets made in a single panel, and cutting them up myself once I've got the
panel in hand. ... one of these days ...


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> > Indeed, Vector still makes "Vectorbords". They also make boards with
various bus edge connectors called
> > "Plugbords". The problem with these things is that they are very expensive,
imho. For example, a
> > prototyping board for the XT bus with edge connectors and nothing more is
about $25.
> Yes, the bare prototyping boards for PCs (etc) are expensive over here as
> well.... A lot more expensive than ready-built (standard) cards, like
> serial cards...
> >
> > This raises a question I have had for some time. What DO people use to make
prototype boards with edge
> > connectors as an alternative to Plugbords? I ran into this very problem
recently in trying to create a
> > prototype ROM Pac for the Exidy Sorcerer. Other than buying Plugbords or
etching a PCB, the only solution
> > I saw was cutting up an old card and gluing the edge connectors to a
prototype board. Other suggestions?
> You;'ve basically covereed it. If you're designing the complete machine
> -- you want a cardcage of boards, but they don't have to be compatible
> with anything else) then you can avoid the problem by using DIN41612
> connectors, of coruse.
> I'd not advise etching edge connector fingers yourself. You want them
> gold plated, and I've never heard of that being done at home. I think the
> gold plating solutions are cyanide based, which is a good reason not to
> have them unless you _know_ what you are doing...
> -tony
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