IBM ROM BASIC or lack thereof

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Oct 5 18:56:12 2001

 When I was taking a Digital Electronics course in the early 80s at a major
Toronto tech-school, we were being taught about computers by showing the
interaction of discrete components using an ET3400 and the Heathkit
course. There was a big debate in the faculty regarding it's usefulness in the
"modern" tech world and many were urging that students should simply be
taught fault-finding and card-swapping, We know who won that debate.
 The IBM tech manuals are a good example. Just carry a bunch of FRU
replacement modules. People like Tony are few and far between.


> On 05-Oct-2001 Iggy Drougge wrote:
> > I agree that we're living in a strange world where replacing the entire
> > card is much easier than just getting the damaged component.
> Especially if you figure in the cost of labour need to find what is
> broken... but then you are talking about doing it yourself.
> > It's usually cheaper for me to cut up some pre-made "PC" cable and
> > solder the right connectors onto it than to buy all the materials at
> > the shop. It seems as though the average Taiwanese worker is so cheap,
> > he/she's gives only a negative increase to the price of the final
> > product. =/
> Or supply and demand. How many people solder db9 connectors? Compare
> that to how many people want mouse "extenders".
> -Philip

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