CBM8032 - wobbly screen (The saga continues)

From: Adrian Vickers <avickers_at_solutionengineers.com>
Date: Sat Oct 6 20:20:02 2001

At 00:15 07/10/2001, Dick wrote:

>What Michael says here makes a great deal of sense. However, as I have a
>of units which, like the Commodore box, have a transformer of considerable age
>in their power supply located near the yoke of the CRT, yet have none of the
>wobble described here, it seems to me that one could probably allow the
>transformer in the Commodore unit to remain at least long enough to check for
>some sort of disruption of the power supply to the sweep
>circuits. Transformers
>should last longer than this 20 years or so, while the capacitors have reached
>their shelf-life limits, I think.

Yes, I'm still concerned about the capacitors. However, caps shouldn't
induce the wobble in one orientation, but not another.... So the
transformer is my current prime suspect.

>Partly, I guess, this bias is because I'm quite certain it will be a lot of
>trouble replacing the original transformer, though a kit with appropriate
>might be solution. In any case, one can check the power supply connections to
>the CRT circuitry without leaving the house. This being Saturday, I'd say
>Monday will be soon enough to go searching for a replacement transformer.

Monday will be soon enough for everything.... I'm with the Irish on this
one (when told of a Spanish word - Manyana (sp?) - meaning "as God wills
it", the Irishman pondered for a while then retorted "We have no word or
phrase which conveys such a sense of *urgency*...)

Anyway, I shall probably try sticking a sheet of iron or steel in there;
hopefully that will show an improvement. If so, I can try to get hold of
some of this mu-metal stuff, and give that a whirl. Then there's... (well,
see some of my other posts for the rapidly growing to-do list :)

>Let's keep our fingers crossed ...

Indeed so!

Thanks again!

Cheers, Ade.
Be where it's at, B-Racing!
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