6502 BASIC or Assembler and Intel 8271/WDC 1770 info req'd

From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Sat Oct 6 20:25:57 2001

> > The later (gate array) TRS-80 Model 4 systems used a 1773 FDC, which was
> Interesting. The older model 4s (like mine) have a 1793 -- the floppy
> controller board is indentical to that in a model 3. I'd assumed they
> used that board in the gate array versions as well.
> Maybe they did (in the early gate array machines), and then changed to
> the 1773 for the last ones. I don't see any reason why that couldn't have
> been done -- as you said the 1773 and 1793 are pretty much compatible.

The early systems weren't gate array systems. The gate array Model 4
and 4P systems had the FDC and RS232 integrated on the mainboard. If
you have a separate FDC and/or RS232 board then your mainboard is not
a gate array model.
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