IDing WYSE terminal

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Oct 10 15:57:29 2001

>Post a digital pic on your webpage so we can look 'n' see?

K.. but it will have to wait until tomorrow (I have to bring my camera in
to work).

Any particular shots you want? Front, Sides, Insides... posing in a

I was able to find a "part number" on the main board. Claims to be a
980100-01 Rev D. I am about to hit WYSE's site to see if that gets me

While I am posting pics, I will post ones of my other terminal for
another phone system, since ultimatly I want to get it replaced as well.
The other one I am guessing to be a Qume of some kind (I have better docs
for the 2nd phone system, and it hints at it being a Qume, but doesn't
say a Qume what, or even if it IS one). The two terminals look TOTALLY
different. (but the 2nd one isn't as big of a deal, since I am able to
connect a laptop to it running a TVI-50(?) emulator).


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